Prophecy Fest, 30 september 2022, dag 2.

Prophecy Fest, Balver Höhle, Balve, Duitsland. Daar waar dag één eerder in het teken stond van dark folk, was het programma op dag twee van Prophecy Fest wat gevarieerder. Maar evengoed als op donderdag stond er ons een aantal verrassingen te wachten. De eerste verrassing die de debatten mocht openen, heette Imha Tarikat. Vreemde naam

Aðalbjörn Addi Tryggvason and Ragnar Zolberg form new band.

Isafjørd, meaning literally fjord of ice, is a shining new ethereal Post-rock band from Iceland. Named after the town that both of their fathers came from, Ísafjörður, Aðalbjörn Addi Tryggvason (Sólstafir) and Ragnar Zolberg (Sign/x-Pain of Salvation) sculpt beautiful and desolate pop, as bright and dark as the sub-arctic seasons. Isafjørd’s new album “Hjartastjak” is

Karl Sanders: Saurian Apocalypse.

Descend into madness with Saurian Apocalypse, the third solo epic by Nile mastermind Karl Sanders! The subterranean slumber of Nile mastermind Karl Sanders’ Eastern-ambient Saurian series finally ceases with the third chapter of his darkly hypnotizing saga, Saurian Apocalypse! The album’s musical and lyrical themes detail the vexing fictional journey of Dr. Eduardo Lucciani, one