Sadist details new album “Firescorched”.

Italian progressive death metal legends Sadist (feat. Obscura’s Jeroen Paul Thesseling and ex-Necrophagist’s Romain Goulon) reveal a bunch of fresh details surrounding the upcoming new album “Firescorched,” including cover artwork, tracklisting and release date. “Firescorched” will be released via the band’s new label home Agonia Records on May 20th, 2022. A new digital single titled

Nocturnal Graves: An Outlaw’s Stand

Hou je van een agressieve en stevig beukende sound waar elementen van black metal en thrash metal gecombineerd worden met death metal? Dan zit je waarschijnlijk goed bij het Australische Nocturnal Graves dat met ‘An Outlaw’s Stand’ zijn nieuwste, vierde, full-album voorstelt. De heren laten er vanaf opener ‘Death To Pigs’ geen gras over groeien

The Spirit announce new album: “Of Clarity And Galactic Structures”, out on April 1st!

Two years after their sophomore “Cosmic Terror”, Germany’s The Spirit once again delve into the vast nothingness of the universe, while capturing the fear of the unknown and humanity’s insignificance within our cosmos in their sound. On their upcoming third offering, “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures”, out on April 1st via AOP Records, the duo,