Heavy Psych Sounds to release “Live in the Mojave Desert”- series.

Heavy Psych Sounds Records, home of the best and high- class names the global stoner, fuzz, psych and doom rock scene has to offer, has announced the release of an exciting series of live shows. “Live in the Mojave Desert” is a livestream concert film series recorded in the deep sands and huge boulders of

Venus Principle sign deal with Prophecy Productions.

Venus Principle have signed a multi-album deal with Prophecy Productions. The British-Swedish dark psychedelic rockers feature former members of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX and members of AT THE GATES, ISON, TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE DISASTER, and LOUISE LEMÓN. Venus Principle will release their debut album via the label later this year. Venus Principle comment: “We are thrilled

Blue Öyster Cult: Live At Rock Of Ages Festival 2016

Het Amerikaanse Blue Öyster Cult ontstond in 1967 en is een band die in het thuisland heel groot werd. Op het Europese vasteland telt de band natuurlijk ook zijn aanhangers, maar die zijn bijlange niet zo talrijke als in hun thuisland. Blue Öyster Cult staat voor een mix van classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock

Blue Öyster Cult: A Long Days Night

Het Amerikaanse Blue Öyster Cult heeft, zeker in de V.S. de reputatie van een absolute topband. Hun mix van classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock en acid rock overgoten met een stevige saus van psychedelica sloeg daar enorm aan en de de band vulde met gemak grote stadiums tijdens hun overweldigende concerten. ‘A Long Days

Ripple Music and Vegas Rock Revolution say goodbye to 2020 by issuing massive free sampler, The Revolution Lives!

All proceeds to help the bands locked out of playing shows. Download: https://ripplemusic.bandcamp.com/album/ripple-vrr-the-revolution-lives 2020 has been hard on everyone, but perhaps not harder for anyone than for all the bands that had tours canceled, festivals postponed, gigs flatlined. So to properly say goodbye to the nastiness that was 2020, Ripple Music and Vegas Rock Revolution

London’s alt/heavy grunge rock trio, Aliceissleeping, shares album details.

Ever since the release of their 2018 debut ep Space Wanders & Bleeding Hearts, Aliceissleeping belongs to one of the most unique acts in London’s music scene today. Fronted by vocalist and five-stringed bassist Alice ( formerly MAB ), the band takes inspiration from the vast palette of heavy rock, drawing on everything from ’70s