Prophecy Fest 2023 is sold out!

Thank you all so much, because Prophecy Fest 2023 is now officially sold out! We are proud to announce such a great milestone in the history of the festival as tickets have never gone that fast before. As we are fully aware that times are still hard for many festivals and tours, we are even

Prophecy Fest announce four more bands for 2023 edition of the festival

Prophecy Fest are proud to announce four more exciting bands for this year’s edition of the festival in the natural Cave of Balve: Legendary British blues and rock singer Arthur Brown will return to Balve by popular demand. Denmark’s doom stalwarts Saturnus will present their hot new album “The Storm Within”, which is already creating

Prophecy Fest announce Agalloch with exclusive reunion show.

The makers of Prophecy Fest are thrilled and proud to announce that US metal legends Agalloch have agreed to perform their much longed for reunion show in the original line-up exclusively in the Cave of Balve this year. Agalloch comment: “After nearly eight years since the band broke up, Agalloch are reforming with the intent

Prophecy Fest announce first bands and sales start of 2023 edition in Balve.

Prophecy Fest announce the 2023 edition of the festival in Germany. Prophecy Fest will bring more dark, forward thinking music with an attitude to one of the world’s most fascinating cultural locations, the legendary, natural Cave of Balve (“Balver Höhle”) in September 2023. Prophecy Productions proudly present a three day event that will begin on

Prophecy Fest, Balver Höhle, Balve, Duitsland (dag 2).

Prophecy Fest – 14/09/2019 – Balver Höhle, Balve, Duitsland. Na de aangename kennismaking op dag één waren de verwachtingen voor dag twee nog hoger gespannen dan voorheen. Daarom dat MUSIKA al vrij vroeg richting Balve vertrok om toch maar geen seconde te moeten missen. Ons ideetje om de dag in te zetten met een aperitiefje