Prophecy Fest 2023 is sold out!

Thank you all so much, because Prophecy Fest 2023 is now officially sold out! We are proud to announce such a great milestone in the history of the festival as tickets have never gone that fast before. As we are fully aware that times are still hard for many festivals and tours, we are even more thankful for the trust and support shown by our friends and followers this way.

There is a chance that some ticket purchases might be cancelled. In this case, we will offer all returned tickets on June 1 at 18:00 CEST on our website at the regular pre-sale link:

Martin Koller comments: “A heartfelt thank you goes out to all our friends, who have helped Prophecy Fest by buying their tickets early”, the festivals’s founder writes. “To sell out a festival several month before the event is no mean achievement these days. We will not lean back and rest on our laurels as we still have more great acts in the pipeline for you, which will be announced very soon. To everybody, who has bought a ticket: We are very much looking forward to see you all in Balve!”

Confirmed acts with more bands to be added soon (in alphabetical order): Agalloch, Amenra, Arthur Brown, Bethlehem, Darkher, Darkspace, Disillusion, Dornenreich, E-L-R, Gospelheim, Gràb, Illudium, Laster, My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom, Saturnus, Vemod, The Vision Bleak, and Year Of The Cobra.

100% of all available tickets have been sold.

Prophecy Fest will bring dark, forward thinking music with an attitude to one of the world’s most fascinating cultural locations, the legendary, natural Cave of Balve (“Balver Höhle”) again.

The three day event will begin on Thursday, September 7 and it will conclude with a final concert starting before midnight of Saturday, September 9.