My Diligence: Death.Horses.Black.

Het Belgische My Diligence zorgt met ‘Death.Horses.Black.’ voor een vierde full-album. Dit trio – Cédric Fontaine (gitaar, vocals), François Peeters (gitaar) en Gabriel Marlier (drums) – met Brussel als thuisbasis zorgt voor een mix van stoner metal en psychedelica met progressive accenten. Album na album weet het drietal zijn schare fans uit te breiden en

Cobra The Impaler announce new album.

Following their successful debut ‘Colossal Gods’, Cobra The Impaler returns with their second full length ‘Karma Collision’ an album forged in the crucible of modern turmoil and bound by the chains of classic metal fury. This – their sophomore offering – stands as a towering monument amidst the ruins of lesser gods, a beacon of

My Diligence announce ‘Death.Horses.Black.’ new album details.

In the lineage of their constant exploration of high-quality progressive stoner rock, My Diligence proudly stands as one of Belgium’s most prominent Heavy Psych bands. The Brussels-based trio elegantly combines catchy harmonies and compelling riffs, captivating listeners over the years. Following the success of “The Matter, Form and Power,” My Diligence makes a powerful return