„Wielandstahl“ – the fifth album by Thuringian Pagan Metal Band Surturs Lohe.

On „Wielandstahl“ Surturs Lohe present nine songs, that could not be more epic and primeval. This is old school Thuringian Pagan Metal. High velocity riffing is contrasted with mighty choirs and folky use of the flute embellishes acoustic guitar arrangements, reminiscent of early works of Ulver. Lyrically „Wielandstahl“ is an interpretation of the story of

:Nodfyr:: Eigenheid

:Nodfyr: is een Nederlandse band die in 2011 werd opgestart en zich tot doel stelt om de geschiedenis van Gelderland, alwaar de band oorspronkelijk van afkomstig is, beter te belichten middels een mix van pagan metal en folk metal met een donker getint randje. Voeg daaraan toe dat :Nodfyr: Nederlandstalige teksten gebruikt en je begrijpt

Polish pagan black metal group Varmia unveils cover artwork.

Polish pagan alchemists Varmia – who pay tribute to their Baltic roots by combining black metal with traditional instruments such as the goat horn and the tagelharpa – will release their third album (and M-Theory Audio debut), “bal Lada,” on March 12. The cover artwork, which was designed by percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Piotr, can be

Falkenbach release collected works:”The Nine Worlds Of Falkenbach (Manifestations 1995-2013)”.

Falkenbach release all their major works in lavish CD and vinyl box sets under the title “The Nine Worlds of Falkenbach (Manifestations 1995-2013)” today. These collectors’ editions naturally include all of Falkenbach‘s six studio albums from the cult debut ” …En their medh riki fara…” (1996) until their latest full-length “Asa” (2013) with the addition