Mass Deathtruction Festival, Waver.

Mass Deathtruction Festival – 07/12/2019 – Salle De La Sucrerie, Waver. Na de zo goed als wekelijkse boodschappen te hebben gedaan was het tijd om richting Waver te rijden voor de vierde editie van Mass Deathtruction Festival. Pas dan besefte ik dat ik de eerste band niet zou halen. Het mooie La Sucrerie mocht een

Nordic Noise announce part of 2020 program.

Borknagar (NO) & The Haunted (SE) headline Nordic Noise 2020 in Amager Bio. The festival announces the heaviest program in the 8-year history of the festival! For the 8th year in a row, we welcome the first biggest heavy rock festival of the year in Denmark – Nordic Noise. A few weeks back Nordic Noise

Wacken Winter Nights IV: 10 new bands announced for 2020.

Close the gates and send guards to the walls! Anglo-Saxon warriors, elves, pirates, vikings, and even musketeers in the shape of 10 new bands are happily invading the billing of Wacken Winter Nights IV, which will take place fom the 14th until the 16th of February 2020. The 10 new arrivals are listed here in