Operatic black metal band Folterkammer unveils music video for new song “Anno Domina”.

Folterkammer launches pre-orders for new album “Weibermacht” featuring a guest harpsichord solo from Imperial Triumphant’s Steve Blanco. Operatic black metal rising stars Folterkammer are pleased to now launch the pre-orders for their sophomore full-length, ‘ Weibermacht,’ which is due on April 19, 2024 via Century Media Records ! In celebration, the band is now sharing

Hideous Divinity announces new full-length album: “Unextinct”.

Unextinct, the latest full-length album from Hideous Divinity, will be made available via Century Media Records on March 22nd. Their newest track “The Numinous One” invites you into a sonic odyssey, transcending mortal boundaries. It unfolds a cosmic tale where the numinous being challenges life’s constraints. Dirges echo the mourning of mankind, and shadows embrace