Wacken Winter Nights IV: 10 new bands announced for 2020.

Close the gates and send guards to the walls! Anglo-Saxon warriors, elves, pirates, vikings, and even musketeers in the shape of 10 new bands are happily invading the billing of Wacken Winter Nights IV, which will take place fom the 14th until the 16th of February 2020.

The 10 new arrivals are listed here in alphabetical order: Borknagar (NO), Comes Vagantes (DE), Dartagnan (DE), Der Elfen-Thron Von Thorsagon (DE), Fairytale (DE), Heidevolk (NL), Týr (FO), Suidakra (DE), Winterfylleth (UK) and Ye Banished Privateers (SE).

Helge Rudolph states: “With this announcement, we are now expanding next year’s festival billing to 20 bands”, explains the project manager of Wacken Winter Nights. “As in previous years, we are aiming for a balanced mix of folk, medieval, Viking, and pagan metal and rock. This musical bandwidth reflects the philosophy behind our festival, which is based on an ambience created by medieval fantasy worlds. In order to make it easier for the fans to plan their holidays and travels, we aim to present our full program already by the end of the summer.”

Pre-sales for Wacken Winter Nights tickets (14th to 16th of Febrary 2020) have already started.

Ticket Link: http://wacken.click/wwn2020tix

Ticket Price: 89€ Early Bird Ticket (sold out!) / 99€ for a regular 3 day pass / Optionally an exclusive t-shirt may be added to the order for 14,99€

All bands announced so far listed in alphabetical oder: Baldrs Draumar, Borknagar, Comes Vagantes, Corvus Corax, Dartagnan, Der Elfenthron Von Thorsagon, Einherjer, Fairytale, Heidevolk, Hexvessel, Lindy-Fay Hella, Metsatöll, Nytt Land, Primordial, Reliquiae, Schandmaul, Suidakra, Týr, Winterfylleth, Ye Banished Privateers.