Dark Fortress to disband after final tour with The Spirit.

For over 26 years, Dark Fortress have been one of the major institutions of the German black metal scene. May it be with their timeless classic “Stab Wounds” from 2004, the multidimensional concept album “Séance” or their latest and final “Spectres From The Old World” from 2020, Dark Fortress have left an unforgettable mark on

The Spirit announce new album: “Of Clarity And Galactic Structures”, out on April 1st!

Two years after their sophomore “Cosmic Terror”, Germany’s The Spirit once again delve into the vast nothingness of the universe, while capturing the fear of the unknown and humanity’s insignificance within our cosmos in their sound. On their upcoming third offering, “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures”, out on April 1st via AOP Records, the duo,