Aborted announce new album “Vault Of Horrors”.

“My family’s always been in meat” – since its release in 1974, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been slashing itself into the hearts of a loyal fanbase. Today, death metal miscreants Aborted pay their very own tribute to this classic by releasing their new single ‘Death Cult’ – a track of intense brutality, characterized by lightning-fast guitar riffs, intricate, pummeling drum patterns and monstrous vocals. Joined by DESPISED ICON’s Alex Erian, the band offers their fans a breathtaking ride through the abyss – paired with a cinematic interpretation of the horror classic, that you can watch here: https://youtu.be/TCCU0p7CbOw

Aborted have not only summoned Leatherface, but a whole host of horror movie villains, ready to be unleashed on March 15th. So sit back, grab a snack, and crawl down into the Vault of Horrors – the upcoming album from the death metal veterans, and the first under the flag of Nuclear Blast.

Ten ferocious, gut-wrenching death metal slashers await you in this cabinet of horror movie classics. Aborted invited the crème de la crème of the heavy music scene to the party, and on each track of the album you will find a different guest vocalist – ranging from Alex Erian (DESPISED ICON) to Johnny Ciardullo (CARCOSA / ANGELMAKER), Ben Duerr (SHADOW OF INTENT), Francesco Paoli (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE) and more.

Preorder and/or presave Vault Of Horrors now, if you dare: https://aborted.bfan.link/vault-of-horrors

Aborted will be on tour with CARNIFEX, REVOCATION and VEXED in spring 2024.

Tracklist: 1. Dreadbringer (feat Ben Duerr) 2. Condemned To Rot (feat. Francesco Paoli) 3. Brotherhood Of Sleep (feat. Johnny Ciardullo) 4. Death Cult (feat. Alex Erian) 5. Hell Bound (feat. Matt McGachy) 6. Insect Politics (feat. Jason Evans) 7.The Golgothan (feat. Hal Microutsicos) 8. The Shape Of Hate (Oliver Rae Aleron) 9. Naturom Demonto (feat. David Simonich) 10. Malevolent Haze (feat. Ricky Hoover)

Aborted are: Sven de Caluwé – vocals / Ian Jekelis – guitars / Daniel Konradsson – guitars / Ken Bedene – drums