Spirit Adrift release title track & video from their forthcoming EP “Forge Your Future”.

The new masters of Heavy Metal are back! Not even a year after their fan-hailed album “Enlightened in Eternity” in 2020 Spirit Adrift return with yet another masterpiece. This time the gentlemen from Phoenix, Arizona put forward a 20-minute-long, three track EP that is titled “Forge Your Future” which is going to celebrate its release on Aug. 27th. You can already check out the first same-named title track on Spotify, Apple Music and Co.

Tracklist: Forge Your Future (6:52) / Wake Up (5:28) / Invisible Enemy (7:32)

‘Forge Your Future’ is available in the following formats: -Orange LP+CD – All outlets / -Ultra Clear LP+CD – only available at CM Distro (300 units) / -Golden LP+CD – only available at Evil Greed (200 units)

From the start, Spirit Adrift was much more than an obsession for guitarist and vocalist Nate Garrett. It’s become a mission unto itself – a quest to re-cast the power and potential of melodic metal, doom and hard rock like the masters before him. With four albums behind Garrett and drummer Marcus Bryant, including 2020’s year-end-chart-topper Enlightened in Eternity, Spirit Adrift has vexed the legacies of Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica and cemented their own place in the pantheon.

Now, Forge Your Future finds Spirit Adrift spreading their wings and soaring past any notion of nostalgia. Tracks like “Wake Up” with its “Crazy Train”-esque drive, the mournful-yet-hopeful title track or the riff-ride of “Invisible Enemy” find Garrett & Co no longer students, but masters of their metallic game and torchbearers for a new generation of heshers, headbangers and heavy metal parking lot overlords.