Fractured Insanity reveal album details.

The Belgian death metal outfit Fractured Insanity will release its new album “Massive Human Failure” on February 21st via Massacre Records!

The album was mixed and mastered by the Wiesławski brothers at Hertz Studio. Threadbare Artwork is responsible for the album’s artwork.

Fractured Insanity recruited Karl Willetts (Memoriam/Bolt Thrower) as a guest musician on one of their songs.

The first single from the upcoming album will drop on January 29th.

“Massive Human Failure” will be available on CD as well as download & stream, and is available for pre-order soon.

Fractured Insanity – Massive Human Failure – tracklist: 1. Crusade Of The Offended 2. M.A.D. 3. Baphomet Bringer Of A Free Mind 4. Hell Of No Man’s Land 5. Massive Human Failure 6. Reflecting Of The Soul 7. Rothschild’s Disease 8. Panic Abuser 9. Rise All Above