Myrkur shares new track and video “Leaves Of Yggdrasil” from new album Folkesange.

Today Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist, Myrkur has revealed her new video and single, “Leaves of Yggdrasil”. Amalie Bruuns’s delicate and sweeping vocals paired with the violin, piano, lyre and nyckelharpa make for a lullaby-like song which she notes, “is very dear to my heart.” She continues, “I wrote Leaves of Yggdrasil about being apart from

Myrkur announces new album Folkesange coming March 20.

Danish composer, vocalist and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Myrkur (Amalie Bruun), journeys into the heart of Scandinavian culture. Through Bruun’s crystalline vocals, an array of traditional instruments and storytelling, Folkesange offers listeners an immersive, emotional and transcendent experience that resonates in today’s turbulent times. Myrkur‘s Amalie Bruun has always paved her own path and challenged underground

Exhumed: Horror

Hou je van snedige, korte uptempo nummers die een pak agressie en woede over je heen spuwen? Dan ben je aan het juiste adres bij Exhumed. Dit Amerikaanse death metal / grindcore gezelschap zorgt immers voor vijftien zo’n uiterst brutaal klinkende stukjes geweld op hun nieuwste album dat de naam ‘Horror’ meekreeg. Deze Exhumed –

Relapse news: Exhumed announce new album Horror coming October 4.

21 years since their murderous debut, Exhumed continue their onslaught of gore-obsessed death metal on their new brand new album – Horror, coming October 4th. Fear the true HORROR of Exhumed! Listen to the first single “Ravenous Cadavers” at Exhumed frontman Matt Harvey comments: “‘Ravenous Cadavers’ is a great taste of the album –

Torche: Admission

Torche is, zoals u misschien weet, een Amerikaans sludge gezelschap dat reeds vijftien jaar actief is en om de drie à vier jaar een nieuw album uitbrengt. ‘Admission’ is het vijfde album van deze heren uit Miami. Het vorige album, ‘Restarter’, kreeg alom lovende kritieken, al vond ik het album ‘Harmonicraft’ daarvoor nog iets sterker.

Monolord set September 20 release date for Relapse Records’ debut album, ‘No Comfort’.

July 26, 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden – Monolord, who have been dubbed “Swedish doom royalty” (Noisey) and praised for their “truly modern sound” (Consequence of Sound), release their Relapse Records’ debut, ‘No Comfort’, on Sept. 20. “This one has been the most challenging yet,” said the band in a collective statement. “As always striving for evolvement,

Devourment: new album Obscene Majesty coming August 16.

Texas’ pioneers of brutal death metal Devourment share “Narcissistic Paraphilia”, the second single off new album Obscene Majesty: The band comments: “This song focuses on the internal monologue of the archetypal serial killer’s psychology. One that is typified by pathological narcissism and auditory hallucinations. The kind that can compel a seemingly mild-mannered person to