Modern metal experts Infected Rain reveal eerie, ultra-heavy anthem “Vivarium” + music video.

Moldova’s Infected Rain return with their massive sixth modern progressive metal opus, TIME, on February 9, 2024 via Napalm Records! Following their most successful album to date, 2022’s Ecdysis – which garnered prime media acclaim, hundreds of thousands of streams and views, and debuted in the Top 20 on the US Current Hard Music charts – Infected Rain climbs even higher with TIME.

Trailing their successful latest singles “NEVER TO RETURN” and “BECAUSE I LET YOU” – which have garnered over a combined half million cross-platform streams and views on Spotify and YouTube alone – the band ushers in 2024 with the eerie, crushingly heavy “VIVARIUM”. The track boasts electro-laced djent rhythms and spine-tingling passages whilst frontwoman Lena Scissorhands warns of so-called freedoms that are not truly free.

Infected Rain says about “Vivarium”: “Vivarium is about feeling trapped in a world we’ve built ourselves. A perfect world full of illusion, gimmicks and fake promises, like a beautiful but restricting glass garden. It’s about overcoming these barriers, and seeing through the thick air and tall walls. This song is for everyone trying to break free from their own limits and create their own path.”

Watch the gripping official video for “Vivarium” at:

Infected Rain exercise their trademarks with TIME, tastefully accenting the introspective musical journey with effectively-placed progressive, electronic and even nu-metal features amid ethereal passages. The album was once again produced, mixed and mastered by Valentin Voluta, and combines the deft talents of returning members Vidick (guitars, cover artist), Eugene Voluta (drums) and famed frontwoman Lena Scissorhands (vocals), plus introduces new member Alice Lane (bass) to the fold.

Infected Rain says about TIME: “TIME is not just an album, it’s a journey, a testament to our evolution as Infected Rain. Time isn’t just a measure; it’s an ever-flowing river, a constant reminder of our fleeting moments and enduring legacies. This subject resonates deeply throughout the record, offering to you a chance to reflect on the past, embrace the present, and dream of the future. With TIME, we invite you to experience the phenomena of time with us, in all its haunting beauty and raw power.”

First track “BECAUSE I LET YOU” bursts in with undeniable energy, boasting aggressive lyrics and Lena Scissorhands’ swift, menacing delivery, before previously released first single “DYING LIGHT” marches with subterranean heaviness and rhythmic grooves beneath eerie vocals and keys, and even snaps into an EDM passage, showcasing the dynamic delivery of the band in 2024. Melodic ode to self-empowerment “LIGHTHOUSE” then crashes in to juxtapose soft verses and intense auditory shifts. Album standout and djent driven “VIVARIUM” warns of society’s fickle freedoms as Lena Scissorhands delivers some of the album’s most hair-raising screams amid a haunting, ominous atmosphere, while fast-paced burners like “THE ANSWER IS YOU” and “ENMITY” flash between various EDM, synthwave and even drum and bass brushed transits amid bludgeoning rhythms. Intense “GAME OF BLAME” explores themes of hypocrisy and emotional pain delved out by those we love while boasting one of the album’s most searing breakdowns, while tracks like “PANDEMONIUM” and “UNPREDICTABLE” detail the uncontrollable energy of the future and past, respectively – boasting lofty, angelic verses with hard-hitting guitars and punching drums. Italian/English-language journey “PAURA” closes out the album with a path to self-discovery – beckoning the listener to understand that we limit ourselves with our own fears, and must harness the pain to overcome. TIME ends in a state of calm with ambient finisher “A SECOND OR A THOUSAND YEARS” – drawing the curtains closed on yet another fantastic, experimental expedition by rising stars Infected Rain.

TIME track listing: 1. Because I Let You 2. Dying Light 3. Never To Return 4. Lighthouse 5. The Answer Is You 6. Vivarium 7. Pandemonium 8. Enmity 9. Unpredictable 10. Game Of Blame 11. Paura 12. A Second Or A Thousand Years

TIME will be available in the following formats: -1CD Digipak / -1CD Digipak + T-Shirt Bundle – Napalm international (ex-North America) mail order only, limited to 300 / -1LP Gatefold Vinyl Aquamarine Solid / -1LP Gatefold Vinyl Marbled Bone White/Yellow Black – Napalm mail order only, limited to 300 / -Music Cassette – Napalm mail order only, limited to 100 / -Digital Album

Infected Rain will begin their upcoming European/UK tour supporting Amaranthe and label mates DragonForce on February 21 in Hamburg, DE.

Infected Rain are: Lena Scissorhands – Vocals / Vidick – Guitar / Alice Lane – Bass Eugeniu Voluta – Drums