Deathless Legacy releases ‘Christian Woman’ (TON cover) video.

The Deathless Legacy video for ‘Christian Woman’ by Type O Negative marks the 30th anniversary of ‘Bloody Kisses’ and celebrates the memory of Peter Steele, one of the biggest influences of the band. Watch the video at

‘Christian Woman’ will be included in the special double CD reissue of ‘Rituals of Black Magic’, to be released on January 12th. ‘Rituals of Black Magic’ is the fourth Deathless Legacy studio album, originally released by Scarlet Records in 2018.

‘Rituals of Black Magic’ 2024 double CD reissue tracklist: 01 The Grimoire 02 Rituals of Black Magic 03 Abyss 04 Vigor Mortis 05 Bloodbath 06 I Summon the Spirits 07 Homunculus 08 Ars Goetia 09 Hex 10 Read the Bones 11 Litch 12 Haruspex 13 Dominus Inferi 14 Christian Woman (Type O Negative cover) 15 Rituals of Black Magic (live) 16 Dominus Inferi (piano version)

Deathless Legacy: Steva – vocals / Sgt. Bones – guitar / Alex van Eden – keyboards / Deadwood Nick – bass / Frater Orion – drums / Revyla – performances