The Unguided: 616

The Unguided revisit their explosive journey through modern metal!

Uncompromising modern metal unit The Unguided bless the scene with their newest EP, 616! Bringing back their notorious, quick-tempered, high-voltage sound, the band are now releasing a collection of their most beloved songs assembled from their incredible musical catalog. The salient Swedes offer this collection of heavy songs re-imagined and re-recorded to retrace their own history. With tracks and videos that have reached more than 4.5 million streams to date, this EP puts a pristine twist on their creation without neglecting their roots.

The four re-imagined and re-recorded tracks that encompass 616, showcasing the never commencing stagnation of The Unguided. From songs like “Phoenix Down” from 2011 to 2014’s “Unguided Entity”, they embark on a sonic journey to reaffirm their own legacy. Rejoicing in their own hymns, “Iceheart Fragment” offers a worthy instruction to their works and explosive soundscapes, which culminate in “Eye of the Thyclavine” – the final song on the EP. The Unguided prove time and time again that they are here to leave a lasting impression and guide the scene back to the roots of modern metal!

Release date was 21.10.2022

Tracklist: 1. Unguided Entity 2. Iceheart Fragment 3. Phoenix Down 4. Eye of the Thylacine

The Unguided are: Jonathan Thorpenberg – Vocals, Guitars, Bass / Richard Sjunnesson – Vocals / Roger Sjunnesson – Guitars / Richard Schill – Drums