Space Of Variations: Imago.

Space Of Variations crushes the confines of modern metal with addictive IMAGO!

Unstoppable Ukrainian metalcore unit Space Of Variations ascend to the next level of mind-bending modern metal on their upcoming, in-your-face full-length, IMAGO, out September 23, 2022. Following their 2019 Napalm Records debut, the XXXXX EP, the unbridled outfit breaks new ground and transcends all expectations with their exciting and undeniably fresh second studio album. IMAGO’s multifaceted, cathartic delivery seamlessly mixes gut-punching hardcore riffs and catastrophic breakdowns with colorful electronics, brutalizing vocals and, at times, trance-like synth – exploring elements of djent, hip-hop and even hyperpop influence along the way. The album’s addictively erratic, emotive atmosphere echoes their spontaneous live performance; having previously toured with modern metal giants JINJER, the four-piece relentlessly smashed European stages while captivating each listener with futuristic stylings reverberating the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Norma Jean and LANDMVRKS.

Furiously crashing opener “SOMEONE ELSE” sets free the uncompromising spirit of Space Of Variations – instantly breaking down genres and placing a forceful exclamation mark at the start with smashing instrumentation and a feverish vocal and lyrical assault by Dmytro Kozhukhar and Olexii Zatserkovnyi. Devastatingly heavy “1M followers” takes no prisoners from the first second and features a hefty appearance from former Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Stoff, resulting in a fearless, addictive metalcore banger. Tracks like eponymous “IMAGO” and intense mid-tempo “serial killer” emphasize the multifaceted nature of SPACE OF Space Of Variations dically scaled-back instrumentation and emotion turned to 10. On the contrary, previously released penultimate post-hardcore dystopia “Ultrabeat” delivers bone-crushing beats and is by far no stranger to the band’s devotees. Closing with an insane verse from Ukrainian rap sensation ALYONA ALYONA, the track undeniably marks a milestone in the unit’s soon-to-be revered history while representing the seething desire to expand all limits of songwriting and creativity. This mindset embodies Space Of Variations and their sonically boggling ode to the future, IMAGO.

Tracklist: 1. SOMEONE ELSE 2. vein.mp3 3. NON-HUMAN CLUB 2.0 4. DNA molecule in a million of dimensions 5. Slaughterhouse (ぬ死) 6. OUTER SPACE 7. 1M followers (feat. Denis Stoff) 8. OCEAN OF MADNESS 9. FACE TO FACE 10. IMAGO 11. Brahmastra 12. serial killer 13. ULTRABEAT (feat. alyona alyona) 14. ellipsis…

Space Of Variations are: Dima Kozhuhar – Vocals / Alex Zatserkovny – Guitar/Vocals / Anton Kasatkin – Bass / Tima Kasatkin – Drums