Prophecy Fest announce complete 2022 billing.

Alea iacta est! With the announcement of a return of the collaboration between Mosaic and Zwischenlichten to bring their acoustic performance of the mystic “Nordwald Musik” again to the stage of Prophetic Overture on Thursday, September 29, the billing of Prophecy Fest 2022 is finally complete. In addition to the musical programme, German vlogger Ernie Fleetenkieker aka Krachmucker will be “Reading King Diamond” at Thursday’s bonfire. The festival will take place on three days and nights from Thursday, September 29 to Saturday, October 1 in one of the world’s most fascinating cultural locations, the legendary, natural Cave of Balve (“Balver Höhle”).

The following bands (in alphabetical order) have been confirmed for Prophecy Fest 2022: Antimatter, Arthur Brown, Arð, Austere, Camerata Mediolanense, Coven, Darkher, Dold Vorde Ens Navn, Empyrium (Songs Of Moors & Misty Fields Show), Fire + Ice, A Forest Of Stars, Imha Tarikat, Mosaic, Neun Welten, Of The Wand & The Moon, Saturnus, The Vision Bleak, Vrîmuot, Winterfylleth, and Zwischenlichten.

Martin Koller comments: “Coming up with an attractive and diverse billing is never the easiest task”, the label’s founder explains. “We are confident that we have found the right mixture of classics, fan-favourites, and fresh blood again. At Prophey Fest every band is a headliner and the running order will solely be determined by the best dramatic effect and for maximum excitement but not by record sales. We hope that you are looking as much forward as we are to three amazing days and night in the Cave of Balve. See you there in September!”

Please find further details about location, travel, and ticket options below.

Pre-sale at:

Tickets: 3-day-passes incl. programme book are available for 99 Euro (same as last year) at the link below:

Members of the Grand Supporter tiers of the PROPHECY CLUB will be able to attend the festival free of admission charge. Please check here for availability and conditions (subscribe button under each Grand Supporter paragraph):

Location & Travel: Prophecy Fest was founded in 2015 and even the first edition was already sold out. This singular event for dark and innovative music takes place in the Balver Kulturhöhle (“Balve culture cave”) in the Hönnetal (“Valley of Hönne”) near the town of Balve in the Sauerland region of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The naturally formed karst cave has been used by humans already during the palaeolithic age. Is is an important archaeological site that yielded remains from many periods up and until medieval times. According to legend and the old Icelandic Thidreksaga, the mythical blacksmith Wayland learned his magical trade from dwarven masters in this cave.

The gravity of its history and the special acoustics of the Balver Cave provide a unique atmosphere that fits the musical programme of the Prophecy Fest perfectly.

For detailed information on accommodation, travel, and parking please consult the Prophecy Festival page: The page will be updated regularly towards the festival.