Serpents Oath announce debut album ‘Nihil’.

The new Belgian black metal horde Serpents Oath have announced their debut album ‘Nihil’, which will be released on December 4th through Soulseller Records (GORGOROTH, ANCIENT,..).

The opus was mixed & mastered at the renowned Stage One Studio with Andy Classen (BELPHEGOR, LEGION OF THE DAMNED). The amazing artwork came courtesy of Néstor Avalos, known for his work for bands like DARK FUNERAL & BLOODBATH.

With regards to their signing with Soulseller Records, the band comments: “We are honored to team up with Soulseller Records and join the home for bands like Gorgoroth and Svarttjern. Beyond that when we looked at the passion and respect they put into re-releases like Ancient Rites and Rotting Christ, we knew this would be the right label to work with. Since then this impression has only been reaffirmed and it feels really good to work with such a professional team that respects our artistic vision and gives us the freedom to take everything we do to the next level.“

“When I heard the first tracks of the debut album, I immediately knew we had to sign this. Apart from the fact you can hear the experience of the members from the first notes, it was clear that they have a strong vision, which is present in the music, lyrics and art. All this whilst capturing the vibes of the 90’s in a modern sound. Stay tuned for this gem!”, says Jorn from Soulseller Records.

‘Nihil’ tracklist: 01. Vox Mortis 02. Speaking in Tongues 03. Leviathan Speaks 04. Thrice Cursed 05. Malediction 06. Serpents of Eight 07. Bestia Resurrectus 08. Into the Abyss 09. Mephisto 10. The Beast Reborn 11. The Swords of Night and Day 12. Beyond the Gates

Serpents Oath is: Daenum – Guitar / Tes Re Oth – Vocals / Draghul – Drums