Foul Body Autopsy to release a stunning new EP – Consumed By Black Thoughts – on October 10th, World Mental Health Day.

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day for raising awareness of mental health issues worldwide, with this year’s event focussing on suicide prevention. October 10th is also the day when Tom Reynolds will release his new Foul Body Autopsy EP, Consumed By Black Thoughts. It’s no coincidence that these events should collide, with the release date for Consumed By Black Thoughts being very carefully chosen. Without doubt this new collection of songs represents Tom Reynolds’ most mature, enthralling and exciting work yet; with a new dimension of emotional power being added to the single-minded ferocity of his song writing. The trademark machine gun riffs have been joined by some incredible hooks and choruses and emotive melody lines embrace the steel clad structures. The reason for this utterly convincing expansion of the Foul Body Autopsy sound – and the release date of October 10th – lies in the challenging source of inspiration behind these songs, as Tom explains…

“I have written this EP from my own perspective of living with a mental illness. I often find that mental illness tends to be romanticized by the media and vapid celebrities who seem to think it’s an interesting personality accessory. I wanted to talk about living with mental illness from a human perspective, not as a way to glean sympathy or to feel sorry for myself but to just tell the truth. Living with an untreated mental illness is fucking horrible! I can’t say at any point it has been romantic! Though I have gone through treatment and I am on psychoactive medication it still affects my life from time to time. Obviously, things are much better than they have been in years but this is something I am probably never going shake off completely.”

Mixed and mastered by the legendary Russ Russell (Amorphis, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir etc) and adorned with the stunning artwork of Dan Goldsworthy (Accept, Cradle Of Filth, Forged In Black etc), Consumed By Black Thoughts is the complete package. Available on all digital platforms and as a limited edition CD it’s an exploration of mental torment, a voice of understanding, a hand of support and a raging, cathartic melodic death metal assault. On October 10th Foul Body Autopsy will become a voice in the darkness, telling you that you are not alone.

Tom plans to launch Consumed By Black Thoughts with an album launch show at the Firebug in Leicester on October 9th, with support coming from Colossloth. Tickets are available now from the Foul Body Autopsy bandcamp page. *full refunds will be given in the event of cancellation