Spotlight on … Oath Of Damnation.

*When did you really get involved into music in general and into metal specific? Who was responsable for your interest in (metal) music?

-Doomsayer: I think it was around ’91 when I first started playing/jamming in bands. Back then, and for some time on, I was just a vocalist. The very first band I was involved with was a death metal band. We started out doing covers of Pestilence, Cancer, Obituary plus writing our own stuff. If I were to go back early on, I’d say the first time I heard of any heavy metal music was from listening to some of the tapes in my Dad’s music collection when I was a kid. He’s not totally into metal (big Kiss fan though), I took that passion to the next level, haha, but he did have some stuff like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dio. Family and school friends also played a big part in my early exposure to metal music. Two of the first bands I really got into when I was young was W.A.S.P. and Iron Maiden, actually. That raw power and energy that metal had over other forms of music was just something that really resonated with me in a big way, and eventually that passion translated into not merely being just a listener, but a performer as well.

-Constantinos: I have always listened to metal, even as a baby in the cot. My mother was a huge Black Sabbath fan. I was born in the 70’s. She said I used to sleep to War Pigs. The main two albums always played were ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’. Also my father bought a Juke box when I was a little child. On that Jukebox was Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and W.A.S.P.. Those are the main bands I remember really liking at a young age. That was my first introduction to metal. This period is from ’77 to around ’85. I remember hearing ‘Master Of Puppets’ from a friend in Primary School in 1988. Battery stuck out the most to me at that time. After that I started getting into heavier acts like Sepultura, Napalm Death and Morbid Angel.

*Which artists or bands did influence you the most?

-Doomsayer: By the time I’d started getting involved with bands, I was really into the death metal bands that were coming out at the time. Besides a lot of thrash bands like Slayer, Metallica, Forbidden, Testament, Exodus, the early albums from bands like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Death and Morbid Angel made a huge impact on me. Theirs was a musical fury I really took to with a passion, so it was natural that I’d want to create my own songs of carnage, something that just about every young metal head can relate to, I’m sure!

-Constantinos: I am into lots of different styles of music, I’m a massive-massive jazz and latin music fan, but in terms of metal, my main influencesin the early days that set me on my courseare without a doubt are Black Sabbath, W.A.S.P., Rush (more hard rock but close to metal), Morbid Angel, Fear Factory, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Tool, Slayer, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Deep Purple (more hard rock), King Crimson (more progressive with metal elements), Pantera, Fishbone, Suicidal Tendencies, Body Count and Blood Duster and many local bands around the 92 to 95 era. Music on theperiphery that I overheard and was influenced by – Although I did not have their albums (because I was a young teenager and ran out of money) were Deicide and Cradle Of Filth –the imagery of those two bands were pretty extreme to me at that time – which had a subconscious influence on me. This is all pre internet era where a lot of exposure to new bands relied on your circle of friends. My favourite band though for along time, which I listened to and tried to emulate as a young drummer was an Australian band called Damaged. I learned how to blast the way I do from listening to them. I was obsessed with the drumming at the time. Back then it was extreme.

*Which instrument do you play and how and when did you learn to play? Did you had lessons in school or private lessons? If so, was that because your parents expected that from you? Or did you learn to play the instruments by yourself? Do yo still follow some lessons?

-Doomsayer: In Oath Of Damnation, and our other band Shadow Realm, I play the bass and I’m also the vocalist. I also play guitar / vocals in another band I’ve had for years called Beyond Mortal Dreams. As I mentioned earlier, when I started out playing in bands I was just a death metal vocalist. I actually didn’t start learning any instruments until I was well into my twenties. Apart from picking up a few things from tutorials or other players here and there, I am self-taught. It’s only in the last ten years roughly, that I’ve been getting proper vocal coaching, mainly for clean singing. My death / black metal vocal style I’ve developed myself over the years.

-Constantinos: In Oath Of Damnation I play drums. I originally started on guitar around ’88-’89 in private lessons. I jammed with a friend who played drums, but I could hear more technical 16th note beats that my friend at the time could not play and he frustrated me, so I decided to learn drums –that was when I was 13. No one in my family was a musician in the beginning. My brother became an awesome six string bass player specialising in jazz and fusion music, but unfortunately he died in 2014 after fighting brain cancer for almost ten years. Sadly it was Golden Staff Infection from the hospital, while getting IV treatment that killed him in the end and not cancer. We were a big influence on each other. The drive to play music came from inside. I started learning drums at school. By year 12 ,I was playing two instruments but knew I wanted to learn music at University. I was told I could only pick one instrument so I picked drums, only because I thought I had more of a chance on drums, haha. In my final year of school I started learning from the University Lecturer in charge of jazz drums in private lessons at his home. I am a massive funk, latin, psychedelic, progressive rock / metal and jazz fan too. So these lessons helped me immensely. In those days I wanted to be a cross between Buddy Rich and Pete Sandoval, haha. I also play bass guitar in a cover band and have played keys in a another band too. I don’t take lessons anymore. I took one lesson with a well-known metal drummer about five years back, I found it a waste of time as he did not listen to what I had to say and would repeat the same questions. He was almost robotic in his approach to teaching and could not adapt. A good player, but a shit teacher. It happens a lot.

*Do you follow other or are you intrested in other styles of music beside metal? If so, what is the music you prefer to listen to?

-Doomsayer: For me, it’s probably about 95% metal! Ranging from classic heavy metal to thrash, death, black, a little grind, doom. There are a few exceptions outside the genre, but not much. You will find The Doors, a bit of Uriah Heep and Led Zeppelin in my collection. Any time I want to really unwind and relax I’ll chuck something like that on. ‘The End’ and ‘Riders On the Storm’ are a couple of my faves to relax to.

-Constantinos: Like I previously stated I also love funk, latin, psychedelic, progressive Rock /Metal and jazz. These days I listen to metal around 60% but I am a massive Return To Forever and Chick Corea Elektric Band Fan. I adore Michel Camillo’s Groups, Primus, Bill Bruford, Billy Cobham, Art Farmer, Mahavisnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa,The Heart of Things, Allan Holdsworth, Tony Williams, Wayne Shorter, Weather Report, Peter Erskine, Dave Wekl, Vinnie Coliuta, Chad Wackerman, Steve Gadd, Trilok Gertu,Shakti, Tower of Power, Jimi Hendrix, Wagner, Shostakovich (so metal), Mozart, etc etc. The list goes on. I absolutely love John Coltrane’s group from the mid ’60’s. To me that is some of the best music ever made. I love Elvin Jone’s drumming deep down in my heart above nearly all others. His time is so elastic but his phrases cross barlines and his feel connectsto me the most. Feel is the most important thing in music to me. Another guilty pleasure is a band I absolute cannot listen to enough of, whichis Jamiroquai –So hip.

*Is music a full time job for you now or do you have a job beside music? If so, what kind of job are you doing? If you would be really succesful with music, would you quit your other job?

-Doomsayer: If any of my bands became a sustainable full time job, you bet I’d take it! Currently I work in the apocalyptic hellish world of retail. My role is more storage and logistics though, not out in the front lines like my unfortunate work colleagues. I can’t imagine many musicians would want to continue working the daily grind if they could comfortably support themselves and their families through their music, but in saying that, you would need to have different occupations in life to keep else you could go ’round the twist.

-Constantinos: I did work full time in music from around late ’95 to 2001. I might help my father every now and then at that time who was a builder / developer but not for money, but more because I liked to do work with tools etc, and I like the skills involved. Good life skills. It was a good balance to being locked up in a room playing all day. I think it kept me sane or I would have gone mental. These days I have my own company and am a builder / electrical contractor. I still teach a few students after hours. I teach guitar, bass and drums. I enjoy teaching to students that have a passion. My job allows me to tour because I can’t really fire myself, haha. I just work around schedules or employ people to take care of things when I’m away. The most time away in a year was four months, I can handle that and my work at the moment. If I was successful at music I think I would still be designing and planning developments even if I did not have to. I am too far in not to think that way anymore. I would always be scheming for a way of doubling my money or assets. It’s in my nature and upbringing to think that way.

*If you could start a band with other musicians on other instruments, which artist would you pick for wich instrument and why? (Something Like an “All Stars Band”.) Would you still go for a black metal / death metal band? Or would you do something completely different?

-Doomsayer: Hmmm, For vocals and perhaps even guitar as well, Devin Townsend. The guy is an absolute genius and powerhouse! I’d probably go for something a bit different, honestly. I don’t see the point in doing another band if it’s going to be the same style as the one you’re already in.

-Constantinos: To be honest I am very happy with both my Bands, Oath Of Damnation and Shadow Realm. If Iwas to have a fantasy band –at this point I would go for Psychedelic fusion / metal. I would love to play with Frank Gambale and Bucket Headon on guitars, Dominic Di Piazza and Bill Laswell both on bass, Adam Armstrong on acoustic Bass; Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul and Derek Sherinian all on keys, percussionists Daniel Sadownick and Manolo Badrena; Pharoah Sanders on tenor sax, Kenny Garrett on alto sax, John Coltrane on soprano sax and Scott Tinkler on trumpet. On vocals I would chose Eric Adams from Manowar, Mike Patton and Ronnie James Dio. Also guest solos from Victor Wooten, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Garrison. It would be orgasmic haha.

*If you had been banned to an uninhabited island and you may pick 5 albums to listen to, wich albums would you choose and why?

-Doomsayer: Oh jeez, I doubt I could ever settle on a definitive five. The Doors – ‘L.A. Woman’, for those relaxing sunsets on that island shore. Megadeth – ‘Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying?’, my favourite Megadeth album and probably one of my fave heavy metal albums of all time. Kreator – ‘Pleasure To Kill’, still the best and blackest of the Kreator albums. Teutonic thrash at its most savage, and you’re gonna need a savage soundtrack for those days in marooned solitude under a blazing and unforgiving sun frying your brain and sending you nuts! Slayer – ‘South Of Heaven’. Now, I might’ve gone with ‘Reign In Blood’ for its savagery, but if we’re just picking five, the previous Kreator pick has that covered in spades. ‘South Of Heaven’ is still full of classics, and for me, it has a bit of a darker feel about it, which wins it over. Motörhead – ‘Orgasmatron’. You might argue that there are better Motörhead albums to pick from, but ‘Orgasmatron’ was my introduction to Motörhead, so the value is kinda sentimental. Plus the title track is fucking killer! Mind you, tomorrow I could just as easily pick a different five, but we’ll stick with these.


1. Arcana: ‘Arc Of The Testimony’ – a masterpiece, just orgasmic to my ears.

2. Slayer: ‘Reign In Blood’ – I need my thrash fix.

3. Jamiroquai – ‘Return Of The Space Cowboy – love the funk.

4. Chick Corea – ‘The Leprechaun’ – love my fusion and 70s recordings.

5. Nile: ‘Those Whom The Gods Detest – need those awesome blast beats every now and then

*Every new album of a band or an artist is the best one, that’s what they always say. So here is a chance to promote the album. Why should a music lover buy your album? What are the standout tracks for you on this new album and why?

-Doomsayer: If you love music that roars like thunder, then this is the album for you. If you love your metal extreme, the guitars thick and heavy, drums like a battering ram, vocals that scream like demons and rumbles like an earthquake, then this is the album for you. If you love your music heavy, technical and atmospheric, then this is the album for you. If you love shredding guitar solos, then this definitely is the album for you. This is an amalgamation of a love for different genres of metal built upon a strong blackened death foundation. For the passionate fan of black and death metal, this is the album for you! Fave songs? ‘I Curse Thee, ‘O Lord!’ Would be one. I love how the speed and savagery of that song is complimented by more atmospheric moments. ‘Ardenti Haereticus’, that song for me sums up Outh Of Damnation musically in one track. Brutal, atmospheric, technical, epic and atmospheric. A seamless blend of Death and Black metal elements.

-Constantinos: This album, although blackened / death metal has enough variations in rhythm, riffs, harmonies and tempos to keep the listener listening and engaged. I can get bored with a band or album easily if most ofthe songs are the same tempos or have the same style of writing in every song. I feel we mix it up enough to keep it enjoyable but not too crazy as to become less musical or just a riff salad. Great guitar solos too. A stand out track to me is ‘The Abortuary’ purely because its composition is always moving. The track ‘Ardenti Haerecticus’ for the same reason too.

See “CD-Review” for a review (written in Dutch) for the new Oath Of Damnation album ‘Fury And Malevolence’ (Gore House Productions) –

*What’s the reason we had to wait six years for this second album?

-Doomsayer: I guess a few things. Line up changes, for one. Our first album ‘The Descent’ featured a different vocalist / keyboardist, Formosus. After a time he decided to call it a day, parting on friendly terms. He and I still play together in a different band, actually. For a time we weren’t sure how to fill the void, until it was finally decided that I take on the vocal duties as well as continuing on bass. We were very fortunate to include Haemorrh as our keyboardist soon after also. Once we had the new line up secure, we had to spend time rehearsing, become a solid unit, re-establish ourselves by playing shows again, and finally getting down to writing material for a new album. Our other band, Shadow Realm sometimes took more of a priority during that time as well, writing and recording an album plus playing fairly frequently in our home town and around Australia. And sometimes life can just slow things down also. Between us we have jobs, businesses, families, these things are important obviously. As much as any muso would love to, it can’t be your only focus in life one hundred percent of the time.

-Constantinos: As Doomsayer said: line-up change and our other band.

*Is there a chance that you will promote these songs through live concerts? If so, would you prefer small clubs or big festivals? And is there a chance we can see OATH OF DAMNATION in Belgium?

-Doomsayer: Now this album is out there, live shows to promote it is definitely the intention from here. For now we are lining up home shows and drawing plans to venture forth around Australia, but we would love to tour Europe and play in Belgium one day. Small clubs, big fests, we’d be happy with either. Big fests are great for big crowds obviously, but I love the intimate atmosphere of the smaller venues as well. Joining forces with our label, Gore House Productions has been a huge first step in working towards the possibility of making that happen, but in the meantime as we are still pretty unknown in the global metal community we can still promote this album through album distribution, interviews, radio airplay and online promotion.

-Constantinos: Fuck Yeah –I would play in Belgium in a heartbeat. Small clubs or festivals–I will do either –I love both situations. Hopefully, now that we are working with Gore House Productions we can make that a reality. Plus I love trying new foods –That’sone of the fun things about touring to me –I will eat anything once –twice if I like it ha-ha

P.S.: This interview was conducted before the restrictions due to the Covid-19 Virus.