News from Dawn Of Solace.

Dawn Of Solace featuring Wolfheart mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen reveals more details about upcoming album! ‘Waves’ to be released January 24th on Noble Demon

After the recently premiered music video for the opening track ‘Lead Wings’ – watch at – Tuomas Saukkonen reveals more in depth details about his upcoming sophomore solo record ‘Waves’, to be released January 24th on Noble Demon Records!

Tuomas Saukkonen comments: „After the debut release in 2006 and things falling apart with things getting too complicated with label issues Dawn Of Solace remained more as a bitter memory for over a decade than a piece of art to be proud of. During the years it seemed that people did not forget the album and the more I toured with Wolfheart and Before The Dawn the more it came up when talking with fans and that kept the idea alive that maybe someday…

Last year during a demo recording session a song popped up what started the whole snowball effect which lead to this point where Dawn Of Solace is finally back with new album, new label and also returning to stages. I joined forces with Mikko Heikkilä giving him all vocal duties. We did 3 albums with Black Sun Aeon in the past and I could not think a better artist and vocalist to be my partner with this new chapter. Dawn Of Solace will open up a few new doors during the summer when playing the first gig ever outside Finland and also first festival gigs in the band’s history and it is needless to say how excited I am about this 2nd beginning.“

The album tracklist reads as follows: 01. Lead Wings 02. Ashes 03. Silence 04. Hiding 05. Tuli 06. Numb 07. Choice 08. Ghost

Dawn Of Solace is: Tuomas Saukkonen (Instruments and vocals) + Featuring artists