Damnation’s Hammer issue lyric video, reveal album details.

Damnation’s Hammer have issued a lyric video for the opener of their upcoming album “Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres” – which will be released on February 22, 2019 via Massacre Records!

Watch the “Temple Of The Descending Gods” lyric video on https://youtu.be/E7aEjT7yt-M

The album’s front cover – based on the digital image “Warping”, a collaborative work between Chris Cold and Stefan Hürlemann – as well as the album’s tracklisting are both available below. “Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres” will be available as CD, stream and download, and is available for pre-order.

Nick Stalvind from the Swedish metal band WOLF has contributed backing vocals on the song “Haunting the Abyss”.

If you’re into dark, doom-laden metal that incorporated surreal atmospherics, you should definetely check Damnation’s Hammer out!

Tracklist: 1. Temple of the Descending Gods 2. Deathcraft 3. Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres 4. Hammers of War 5. Wolves of Aquarius 6. Haunting the Abyss 7. Gates of the Necronomicon 8. The Eternal Harvest 9. The Hex iii 10. Entrance to the Final Chamber