Devil Master announce debut full-length album: Satan Spits On Children Of Light.

Philadelphia’s Devil Master stake their claim as one of the most venomous, twisted entities in the underground with their hellish debut, Satan Spits on Children of Light. Today they announce the album’s release March 1st on Relapse alongside lead single “Desperate Shadow”. The album, recorded with mastermind Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Volahn, Code Orange, Prurient) rattles the very gates of hell with a vile dose of black metal-infused punk mayhem. Satan Spits on Children of Light sees Devil Master emerge from the grave and reach new blasphemous heights.

“We’re not pandering to any trends or other genres. It’s entirely its own thing. It’s for people to open their minds and have fun with-but also get lost in.”

Such is the gospel according to Devil Master guitarist Darkest Prince, as it concerns the six-sided musical legion he helped actualize in 2016. Swirling in the ominous fog that clings to the cobblestones of their native Philadelphia, Devil Master conjure an unholy trinity of death rock, punk and black metal that manages to transcend all three.

Somehow, Devil Master mark the haunted crossroads where GISM, Christian Death and Bathory meet, a chorus pedal purgatory where Rikk Agnew and Randy Uchida make a blood pact in lethal guitar tandem while black metal miscreants light felonious fires and Satan, laughing, spreads his wings. “When we started, the basic influence was Japanese hardcore,” Darkest Prince explains. “But we’re all fans of goth and black metal, so eventually that seeped in naturally. This album is the fruition of that sound. We’ve created an elemental spirit that we’re putting our energy into, and we’re just going along with it.”

Elemental spirit? As it turns out, the band is comprised of six practicing magicians, one of whom also happens to be a Satanist. “I’m the only Satanist in the band, but all of us believe in chaos magick to an extent,” Darkest Prince says. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted! This famous chaos magick maxim explains our attitude towards certain themes, tones and actions that closed-minded sheep dogmatically believe belong to any specific, convoluted subgenre.”

Of course, the Prince will be the first to concede that “it’s hard to not sound cheesy when you say your music is influenced by rituals.” But at the same time, rituals have always been a part of his life-they just used to come in a more socially acceptable package. “I grew up a really strict Catholic, so I always believed in the power of prayer,” he reveals. “And that turned into the power of the mind.”

Though all six band members are in their 20s, Devil Master is not their first foray into the dark arts. Darkest Prince has been playing bass onstage with hardcore legends Integrity for the past two years, while bassist Spirit Mirror fronts post-punk outfit Blank Spell and was a member of the mostly female hardcore troupe S-21. Not to be outdone, keyboardist Dodder plays in Grave Turner with members of punk-pop darlings Sheer Mag.

After a pair of self-issued, self-recorded cassette releases-2016’s Devil Master demo and 2017’s Inhabit The Corpse EP (both of which were later fused together on 2018’s Manifestations compilation) – Devil Master greets the final year of this bizarre decade with their first proper full-length. Satan Spits on Children of Light is available for pre-order.

Devil Master is: Darkest Prince (guitar), Spirit Mirror (bass), Disembody (vocals), Hades Apparition (guitar), Del (drums) and Dodder (keyboards).

Tracklist 1 – Listen, Sweet Demons… 2 – Nightmares in the Human Collapse 3 – Black Flame Candle 4 – Devil Is Your Master 5 – Christ’s Last Hiss 6 – Skeleton Hand 7 – Nuit 8 – Gaunt Immortality 9 – Desperate Shadow 10 – Her Thirsty Whip 11 – Dance of Fullmoon Specter 12 – Webs of Sorrow 13 – XIII