Undead Prophecies: New album details.

Undead Prophecies: new album ‘Sempiternal Void ‘ in March

Old school Death Metal aficionados have reminded us how relevant the genre still means today in opposition with insanely sophisticated over technical death metal that has kindly poured in the past years. Enthusiastic followers for genuine original death metal have grown in numbers again looking for a bit of fresh air from the coffin.

They are are now unleashing their second album ’Sempiternal Void’ in March 2019.

Undead Prophecies – ‘Sempiternal Void’ Tracklist: 1. I Summon Demons 2. Suffocated / Vanity 3. Insidious Manipulations 4. The Souls I Haunt 5. Unholy Entity 6. Devoured 7. Circle Of Conspiracy 8. Above The Claws Of Doom 9. Throne Of Void 10. Warhead

Undead Prophecies are King Oscuro (vocals), Necros (guitars), Zörk (guitars), Batscum (bass) and Drauhr (drums).

The band will soon be releasing a video for the track ‘Unholy Entity ’

Debut album ‘False Prophecies’ has gathered a roaring response worldwide as DEAFOREVER defined greatly: “This album is a real sledgehammer and should be bought by anybody who loves the early works of Chuck Schuldiner or Possessed. Simple, catchy and stripped down to the bone Death Metal with an impressing technical level !“, EMP (Ger) continued as ‘The guys have the precision of a Swiss brand-name machinery’ , ROCK HARD (fr) concluded bluntly : ‘A major hit in the face !’.