Symphonic metal act Cathubodua shares details and first single from upcoming album “Interbellum”!

With their new album offering, “Interbellum”, Cathubodua is about to unleash a storm that will enrapture fans of symphonic metal from all over the world! Slated for a CD and Digital release on February 23, 2024 via Massacre Records, the album pre-sale has just started at

Today, the band has not only revealed the first album details, but also a first, epic single and music video is now streaming below! Says vocalist Sara Vanderheyden: “Foretelling” tells the tale of the Prophecies of Badb, a Celtic war goddess related to Cathubodua. She prophesied the end of the world, every evil that would take place and the gradual descent of humanity into oblivion and sin. The song invites you to drink along with us as we see our world decay into an infertile wasteland. We proudly use and exploit the earth and people around us while we celebrate our own gains.

Musically and structurally the song is accompanied by parts of the ancient prophecy in the acoustic intro – only to explode in the victorious chorus, during which the choir chants along. It stands as an ironic battle hymn, exalting our current triumphs, yet the question lingers: at what cost? Our instrumentalists take center stage, delivering exhilarating solos that elevate the positive ambiance leading into the final chorus. The orchestrations of “Foretelling” blend the contemporary with the traditional, incorporating low whistles and uilleann pipes, rendering a folk-infused, homely feeling.“

The song, featuring Mathijs Ignoul on acoustic guitar, is now available on all digital services via, watch the music video at:

Following the band’s debut EP in 2016, their first full-length tells the tale of the creation and destruction of a war goddess – from high hopes, power, and dreams, to love lost and how to deal with an eternal burning guilt. These intense emotions are musically displayed in a more grandiose and intense way than the band ever did before, incorporating more ideas and influences from heavier metal genres this time.

“Interbellum” will hit you in the face, not just emotionally and lyrically but also musically. The guitars are allowed a way more prominent role on the album and generate a massive driving force that carries you through the stories. Cathubodua‘s forthcoming album is raw and heavier than anything the band has ever done before, without compromising on the epic violin melodies, the heavenly orchestrations and vocalist Sara’s immense vocal range!

The album was produced with Yarne Heylen at Project Zero Studio, and was mixed and mastered by Erwin Hermsen at the Toneshed Recording Studio. The stunning artwork has been created by Jelle van Loo.

“Interbellum” track listing: 1. Effigy Of Aftermath 2. Foretelling 3. Will Unbroken 4. Amidst Gods 5. The Mirror 6. Goddess Fallacy

Cathubodua is: Sara Vanderheyden – Vocals & Orchestrations / Arvid Vermote – Violin / Robin Ritzen – Guitars / Peter Thielemans – Bass / Harald Bouten – Drums