Tech-Death Metal band Triagone release first single “Novvs Ordo Seclorum”!

Triagone offers Brutal Technical Death Metal with a fresh and authentic interpretation, presentation and vision, fronted by female singer and puncher Lorena Moraes and Lou-Indigo Caspar in a Female Beast VS. Male Beast vocal duo. Based in Brussels, Belgium, with having roots in Brazil, Italy, France and Belgium, Triagone’s lyrcis are a mix of ancient Greek/Latin and modern Latin/Germanic languages.

Their first ever single “Novvs Ordo Seclorvm” is now available on all platforms and can get streamed or downloaded here:

“We are beyond excited to finally release our first single ‘Novvs Ordo Seclorvm’. This has been the first song we composed for our debut EP. As such it has all the renewed energy of a band that still has to show it all!

The song is relentless and fast, concluding in an intense 2 minutes of guitar leads building up tension until the last note. We bring dynamics to the song but without ever taking the foot out of the accelerator. If one likes melodic lead guitars but aggressive rhythms and pounding blast beats we hope he can only enjoy this track. ‘Novvs Ordo Seclorvm’ is also the only song of the EP sung in French!” – Lorenzo Vissol, drummer.

“It is with great honor that I present to you all my brand new death metal band Triagone. After my previous numerous tours across Europe/Brasil with my former band Dehuman, I had to take a break and start anew, in order to truly create the musicality I’ve always been looking for in a metal band. It has been a wonderful ride, building this new band from scratch with my dearest friends and partners in crime. It is now time to unleash the beast we have force-fed during these dark years of pandemic! Be there, or be dead!” – Lou-Indigo Caspar, guitars and vocals.

Triagone line-up: Lorena Moraes – Vocals / Lou-Indigo Caspar – Lead Guitar & Vocals / Lucas Lembert – Rhythm Guitar / Leonard Ivanciu – Bass / Lorenzo Vissol – Drums