Paddy And The Rats: From Wasteland To Wonderland.

Paddy And The Rats throw a first class pirate party!

Hop on board with Celtic punk pirates Paddy And The Rats and crack into their upcoming album, From Wasteland to Wonderland, out on April 29, 2022 via Napalm Records. With their sixth full-length, the vigorous outfit serves a top-notch pirate party fueled by a heavy dose of punk, polka and folk, turning the world into a giant pub! This Irish influenced sound will surely bring up the urge to slam down a cold one while swinging happily along arm in arm to the beat! Formed in 2008 by singer and songwriter Paddy, the untamed unit managed to build a respective name within the scene due to hard work and extensive touring all over Europe with more than 400 shows, including the world famous Wacken Open Air and the Sziget Festival. For the new album, Paddy And The Rats teamed up once again with producer Zoli Baker. The artwork was designed by Jill Colbert, who also worked with bands like Alestorm, Exodus and Wintersun.

With their mix of pub music and punk rock, accompanied by Celtic influence, Paddy And The Rats welcome the listener into a world of pirates and sailors on their new offering. From Wasteland to Wonderland builds upon a freeing, energetic mood that will transform every gathering into a boisterous pirate ship and is an even more powerful follow up to the predecessor Riot City Outlaws. On a rousing 13 tracks, the Hungarians magically pull one stirring song after another out of their pirate hats, featuring a great variation of instruments like accordion, fiddle, banjo and bagpipe. The Celtic punks sail off on exciting adventures with their opener “Wasteland“, offering a longing duo of mandolin and vocals accompanied by violin injections. The spirit is incited with “Ship Will Sale”: The rousing track hits like a wild wave and invites the listener to join the party, swaying and stomping with them. The full-length pushes forward with “Party like a Pirate”, where they delight their shipmates with an eager party hit featuring a sweeping sing-along chorus. “Everybody Get Up” offers another power boost and slowly prepares for the end of the adventure, with its punkier, energetic sound. The last stop of the journey with the Celtic Punks is “Wonderland”. This emotional ballad provides the perfect note on which to end the album. With From Wasteland to Wonderland, Paddy And The Rats deliver a seaworthy adventure that fills the listener with addictive energy and simple happiness.

Tracklist: 1. Wasteland 2. Ship Will Sail 3. Party Like a Pirate 4. After the Rain 5. Northern Lights 6. Matadora 7. Standing in the Storm 8. Everybody Get Up 9. Hometown Kid 10. Heartbreaker 11. Rumble Outta Here 12. The Last Hunt 13. Wonderland

Paddy And The Rats are: Paddy O’Reilly – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars / Sam McKenzie – Fiddle, Bagpipe, Banjo, Whistle’s / Bernie Bellamy – Accordion, Backing Vocals / Joey MacOnkay – Guitar, Backing Vocals / Vince Murphy – Bass, Backing Vocals / Seamus Conelly – Drums