Hällas: Isle Of Wisdom.

Traversing through an evocative, feel-good blend of nostalgic 70’s hard rock, proto-metal, folk and psychedelic influences – Isle Of Wisdom emerges as the anticipated third studio album by breakout Swedish “Adventure Rock” stars Hällas. Formed in 2011 and named after the main character featured in the stories of their lyrics – a knight in a parallel medieval universe destined to take part in a religious war caused by a tyrannical queen – Hällas are the originators of the “Adventure Rock” genre, devoting themselves to the aforementioned sonic fusion and eccentric imagery inspired by rock greats of yore with a fantastical twist.

Isle Of Wisdom, the brand new successor to Hällas’s successful full-length offering Conundrum (Top 50 in the Swedish Charts, P3 Guld Award nominee), is set for release on April 8, 2022, just before they hit the road on an extensive European tour. This collection of fresh tracks allows the listener to emerge in a brand new realm soaked in mystery and retro-rock atmosphere – key features of Hällas’ fantasy and sci-fi driven auditory aesthetic. Produced in collaboration with Linn Fijal and Vilma Colling at Riksmixningsverket studio, which has hosted the diverse likes of Arch Enemy, ABBA and Celine Dion, Hällas experienced the rare chance to once again use ABBA’s unique synthesizers for the production of Isle Of Wisdom.

The album starts with synthesizer-laden “Birth Into Darkness”, with an incredibly clever topline featuring the unique vocals of singer and bassist Tommy Alexandersson. The musical journey continues with the mystical single “Earl’s Theme”, embellished by choral voices, and proceeds with exceptional “Elusion’s Gate” – a piece that, by giving space to the guitar lines of Alexander Moraitis and Marcus Petersson, underlines the overall epic and mysterious atmosphere of the album.

Comprised of eight bold opuses, Isle Of Wisdom is a deft new step in the noteworthy sonic trajectory of Hällas, cementing them as a band to watch!

Hällas are: Tommy Alexandersson – lead vocals, bass / Alexander Moraitis – guitar / Marcus Petersson – guitar / Nicklas Malmqvist – organ, synthesizer / Kasper Eriksson – drums, percussion