The Dark Overlords to release new EP “Darkpocalypse” in May.

The Age of Darkpocalypse has been ushered in as The Dark Overlords are here with their second EP, which offers even more extreme cosmic black metallic terror!

“Darkpocalypse” takes all the elements from the group’s previous EP, “I Am The Dark Overlords”, and brings the intensity and brutality to new levels! The songs are faster, harder, blacker and heavier, and are sure to leave the listeners humanity utterly devastated! Bow down before your Overlords!

“Darkpocalypse” will be released digitally on May 6th, 2022 via UPRISING! Records.

The Dark Overlords line-up: Dark Overlord #1 – vocals, lyrics, recording, mixing / Dark Overlord #2 – guitar, bass / Dark Overlord #3 – drums, programming, artwork, layout

Pre-save digital:

“Darkpocalypse” tracklist: 1. Darkpocalypse 2. Ritus Dæmonius 3. Sacrificial Chamber 4. Soul Taker 5. The Ladder Of Your Demise