Welicoruss sign worldwide deal with El Puerto Records.

The pirates of El Puerto Records are getting braver and braver. A new expedition led them to icy Siberia and they brought Welicoruss with them. The cold brought about real hardness! Since their formation in Novosibirsk in 2002, the band has released four albums and is ready for the leap to Central Europe

Band founder Alexey Boganov: „After long time we are finally ready to announce that we have signed a contract with El Puerto Records! This fast-growing label really knows what they do and want and consists of people who give their hearts to what they really love! We had time to make sure that they understand and love music of Welicoruss, it’s nice to realize that someone else will be with the same desire to advance our music as we do, we are really proud of it and sure that Welicoruss will reach new level thanks to El Puerto Records! The first release will be our long-awaited album “Siberian Heathen Horde”, which we have been creating for quite long time and which is literally saturated with the ether of our lives and emotions, eternal energy and immortal fire!“

The joy with the record label is just as great. Labelfounder Torsten „Todde“ Ihlenfeld: „When Bernd and me have seen Welicoruss for the first time live in a small club in Germany a few years ago, we both immediately became fans of their impressing music and their intense live performance. Today we have the big pleasure to announce that Welicoruss has signed a record deal with El Puerto Records! Expect nothing but a monster of an album and a breathtaking stage show! Welcome aboard guys!“

Welicoruss are: Alexey Boganov (Vocals), Ilya Tabachnik (drums), Tomas Magnusek (bass) and Tomas Nesrs (Guitars).