Manegarm: Upcoming Album Fornaldarsagor Out On April 26!

Swedish Viking metallers have already announced album title, artwork, track listing & release date of their upcoming studio record. Find all details as overview below and join the journey through long-lost ancient times. Fornaldarsagor turns out to be the most multi-faceted and uncompromising piece of concept art the Swedes forged so far and will feed the flames of heathen fires for a long, long time…

Fornaldarsagor: out on April 26th via Napalm Records.

Manegarm’s new album Fornaldarsagor out on April 26th will contain eight furious tracks, that breathe new life into sagas and tales from a pre-christianized, pagan era that made Scandinavia into what it is today – and those sagas have now been wrapped in exciting viking metal. Manegarm give furious details to all tracks via their socials! Head over to their facebook to get deep insights to each and every track individually! Special versions will also include two exclusive bonus tracks – available digitally and with the strictly limited CD Deluxe Box. Take a look at the full track listing below and make sure to check out all available formats and special bundles:

Tracklist: 1. Sveablotet 2. Hervors arv 3. Slaget vid Bråvalla 4. Ett sista farväl 5. Spjutbädden 6. Tvenne drömmar 7. Krakes sista strid 8. Dödskvädet / Bonus tracks: 1. (Don’t need) Religion (Motorhead cover) 2. Day star, son of dawn (Re-recorded old song from 1995, never released before)

Available formats: 4 Page Digipack / 1LP Gatefold Black / 1LP Gatefold Gold – limited to 300 units / CD Deluxe Box incl. 4 Page Digipack, 2 CD Single, Pendant & Album cover Flag – limited to 500 units / Digital Album / Shirt + Digipack / Shirt + 1LP Gatefold Black

Manegarm Line-up: Erik Grawsiö – Vocals, bass / Markus Andé – Guitar / Jakob Hallegren – Drums