Kalandra release “The State Of The World” with music video.

Norwegian pop/rock quartet Kalandra are releasing their new single “The State Of The World”!

Originally crafted as a poem by (vocalist) Katrine on the evening of March 13th 2022, the initial draft came together within a couple of hours. After weeks, months and even years of refinement, the process culminated in February 2024, with collaboration from band members Jogeir and Florian.

The song can be perceived as a chant to the human race, as a plea of peace.

Kalandra comments: “The song is exactly what it says it is – our observation of the world surrounding us today.This song required a lot of willpower and understanding from each and every member, but it came together in the end. We hope you like the song and find meaning in it.”

The arrangement also took many months to finalize, while undergoing multiple creative iterations, including experiments with both techno beats and metal arrangements – (ideas perhaps best left for explorations in the future). Eventually, as the band discussed the song intended message, a deliberate choice was made to embrace simplicity. Drawing inspiration from old Irish folk melodies with a slight hint of sea chanty, the song’s essence found its place amongst the soundscape of strings and vocal, giving it the grace it deserved.

Check out the music video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH4rbzwrTIc&ab_channel=kalandramusic

The song is out on all digital streaming platforms.

Kalandra live 2024: -10.07.2024 – Sopot PL – Supporting Heilung / -14.08.2024 – Midgardsblot Festival 2024 – Borre / -15.08.2024 – ArcTanGent 2024 – Compton Martin / -17.08.2024 – Motocultor – Carhaix-plouguer

Norwegian cinematic folk / pop band, Kalandra are firmly rooted in melancholic Nordic folk pop, interwoven with ethereal melodies and gritty guitars.

After amassing over 5 million views on YouTube with their cover of Wardruna’s “Helvegen” (released as a digital single), self-releasing the two acclaimed singles “Brave New World” and “The Waiting Game” and composing two tracks for the HBO Nordic series “Beforeigners”, the band released their debut full-length album in 2020 via By Norse Music.

In 2021, the Norwegian group followed up with a soundtrack for the game Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands and toured Europe with Norwegian prog band Leprous in the year after. Steadily building momentum, Kalandra embarked on a co-headlining tour with A.A. Williams at the end of 2023, and released the new song “Bardaginn”, alongside an epic music video.

The release of the new single “The State of the World” sees the band exploring a fragile side of their sound, reaching new fans all over the globe. With two dynamic new songs out and several festival appearances in the summer of 2024, the four piece is as ready as ever to reach new heights.