Denouncement Pyre details new album “Forever Burning”.

Australia’s black/death four-piece Denouncement Pyre will release its new studio album “Forever Burning” on June 17th via Agonia Records.

“Forever Burning” is the fourth installment from the Melbourne-based band and follow-up to “Black Sun Unbound” (2016). As a monument of black/death chaos, this collection of songs “represents a fiery will that cannot be broken,” comments D (guitars/vocals). “A homage to the triumph and tribulations of those who walk the path of fire. With the limitations of the mundane world fiercely aligned against us, we charge forth, unwavering, unbound! Forever Burning!”

The album was recorded at the band’s own studio, apart from drums, which were recorded at The Black Lodge Studio by Joel Taylor. Mixes took place at I-HQ (Nocturnal Graves, Order of Orias) with Jarro Raphael and mastering at High Voltage Audio with James Frazzetto. The cover artwork was crafted by Mitchell Nolte (Aborted, Mystifier, Lucifers Child). Elizabeth D’Aprano shot new band photos.

Denouncement Pyre is active in metal underground since 2003. Prior to signing with Agonia Records in June of 2021, the band released a string of various EPs & 7”s, and conjured three full-length albums through Hells Headbangers Records; “World Cremation” (2010), “Almighty Arcanum” (2013) and “Black Sun Unbound” (2016). Amidst extensively touring throughout their native Australia, they brought their live show to New Zealand and USA, during Maryland Deathfest in 2016.

Tracklisting: 1. Forever Burning 2. The Liberating Fires Of Moloch 3. Tongues Stretched For Salvation 4. Darkness In The Eyes Of Apophis 5. Hung Like Swine 6. Burn This World And Start Again 7. The Opposer Of Light 8. Sunder The Living Temple

Formats: – CD / – MC / – Black LP / – Picturedisc / – Red LP / – “Fire” LP / – Digital

Clothing: – T-shirt / – HSW w/Zipper

Denouncement Pyre line-up: D. – Vocals & Guitars / T. – Guitars / R. – Bass & Backing vocals / L. – Drums