Spotlight on … Beelzebub (Mystic Circle).

*When did you really get involved into music in general and into metal specific? Who was responsable for your interest in (metal) music?

Very young. at the age of 8 I started with kiss. my first album was Kiss ‘Alive 2’ then it goes to AC/DC, Iron Maiden and then to extreme metal like Deicide, Obituary, Morgoth, Gorefest, Napalm Death and so on. Responsible for that was my father and later some rocker kids who were older then me and they brought me to the stuff like Foreigner, Iron Maiden, Motörhead and so on.

*Which artists or bands did influence you the most?

I can say Iron Maiden and AC/DC, but the most satanic and brutal album for me was Deicide’s ‘Deicide’. Also bands like Paradise Lost were a big influence from the melodic side.

*Which instrument do you play and how and when did you learn to play? Did you had lessons in school or private lessons? If so, was that because your parents expected that from you? Or did you learn to play the instruments by yourself? Do yo still follow some lessons?

I play bass and guitar since I was 11 years old. I had lessions but quit them cause I has a shity teacher who don’t wanna show me the metal stuff. So I don’t play notes but can create songs in my head complete and can bring the basics on guitar, but I’am not a crack on the instrument. We are good songwriters but not the best musicians.

*Do you follow other or are you intrested in other styles of music beside metal? If so, what is the kind of music you prefer to listen to?

Of course. its punk music, old New York hardcore and rock music.

*Is music a full time job for you now or do you have a job beside music? If so, what kind of job are you doing? If you would be really succesful with music, would you quit your other job?

In the older days of MYSTIC CIRCLE we lived from the music but not now anymore. I work at a theatre as a stage technic. that depends on the money which I earn with the band. If its enough for the rest of my live, of course.

*If you could start a complete new band (something like an all star band) with other musicians on other instruments, which artists would you pick for wich instrument and why? Would you still go for a melodic black / death metal metal band?

I wouldn’t start another band cause I am fully satisfied and we are so inspired. MYSTIC CIRCLE is our demonchild and we live with it for 30 years now.

*If you had been banned to an uninhabited island and you may pick 5 albums to listen to, wich albums would you choose and why?

Deicide-‘Deicide’ – Iron Maiden-‘Sinjutsu’ – AC/DC-‘Back In Black’ – The Devils Blood – Guns ‘n’ Roses-‘Apetite For Destruction’

*Every new album of a band or an artist is the best one, so they say.So here is a chance to promote your album. Why should a music lover buy your album? What are the standout tracks for you on this new album and why?

Each song of this album is on the same high level: there are no fillers. If people like extreme metal compered with melodic disharmonic parts influenced by metal and if youre a fan of occult stuf and horror soundtracks, you should buy this album. It’s from the artwork to the music to the sound really great and 100% perfect.

See “CD-Review” for a review (written in Dutch) for the new MYSTIC CIRCLE album ‘Mystic Circle’ (Atomic Fire Records) –

*Is there a chance that you will promote these songs through live concerts? If so, would you prefer small clubs or big festivals? And is there a chance we can see MYSTIC CIRCLE in Belgium?

At the moment the time is not there to speak about live shows. We are doing recordings and lots of visuell entertainment for our supporters, like videos and content for our social media channels. but be sure if we go on the road, it will be a big show and we surely come to Belgium again, for the Graspop or Biebob–)). See you there when the time is right!

Cheers, Beelzebub and MYSTIC CIRCLE.