Subway To Sally: Eisheilige Nacht – Back to Lindenpark

Subway To Sally’s annual Eisheilige Nacht concert goes virtual with exciting special guests!

Chart-breaking German folk rock institution Subway To Sally have carved a unique live experience in stone with their upcoming release, Eisheilige Nacht: Back To Lindenpark, out on BluRay/DVD/CD on June 18, 2021 via Napalm Records.

Since their foundation in the early ‘90s, Subway To Sally have established themselves at the top of the scene. Having released thirteen studio records so far, the seven-piece featuring the remarkable Eric Fish on vocal duties never fails in surprising their devotees with an ingenious symbiosis of folk, heavy metal and rock. In the course of time, it became a tradition to celebrate every year with numerous fans and a final live show on December 30th at the venue Lindenpark in the band’s hometown of Potsdam. Due to the great demand, in 2009 the band decided to move to a bigger location in the same area. The Eisheilige Nacht was born and turned into a whole annual festival tour shortly after, where top-notch bands heeded the call to join Subway To Sally for some magical evenings. Due to the pandemic, 2020’s edition couldn’t take place in its usual form. As a result, the German folk rock unit decided to offer an unforgettable lockdown live event which they hope will be a unique way to fill the gap until they return to the stage.

Subway To Sally returned to Lindenpark and – supported by many great artists like Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost), Feuerschwanz, Schandmaul, Saltatio Mortis, Major Voice and Patty Gurdy – created an extraordinary live experience. In an intimate setting, the recording starts with “Messias” and “Königin der Käfer” from the band’s latest chart-breaking full-length, Hey! (DE #5). Subway To Sally then continue to not only travel through their own discography with songs like eerie “Unsterblich”, animated “Tanz auf dem Vulkan” and live-sensation “Grausame Schwester”, but also present a bunch of enchanting features as well: Don’t miss when highly talented Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack and Saskia Maria Forkert (Schandmaul) join Subway To Sally for Schandmaul’s “Dein Anblick” and a premier version of “Kleid aus Rosen”, or when the band sets the exceptional stage on fire for an explosive performance with Saltatio Mortis on their hit “Sie Tanzt allein” – just to name a selection.

Eisheilige Nacht: Back To Lindenpark will be available in deluxe bundle (limited to 300 copies), LP Gatefold Black, BD/DVD/2-CD mediabook and digital album formats, and satiates the need for so many live performances tremendously missed these days. In times of social distancing and restrictions, Subway To Sally have conjured an unforgettable event and proven their outstanding position on top of the genre once more!

Tracklist Eisheilige Nacht – Back to Lindenpark: CD 1: 1. Intro 2. Messias 3. Königin der Käfer 4. Unsterblich 5. Imperator Rex Graecourm 6. Dein Anblick 7. Kleid aus Rosen 8. Das Elfte Gebot 9. Sieben 10. Kalte Winde 11. Minne (FAUN Version) 12. Henkersbraut 13. Falscher Heiland 14. Tanz auf dem Vulkan // CD2: 1. Drag Me to Hell 2. Island 3. Kein Meer zu Tief 4. Arme Ellen Schmitt 5. Eisblumen 6. Sie tanzt allein 7. IX 8. Veitstanz (2014 Version) 9. rausame Schwester 10. Alles was das Herz will 11. Aufgewacht 12. Ausgeträumt 13. Outro 14. Julia und die Räuber

This unique experience will be available in the following formats: – Deluxe-Bundle (incl. Deluxe Fan Gym Bag, Mediabook, Pendant, Lanyard, Pass) – strictly limited to 300 copies – SOLD OUT! // – BD/DVD/2-CD Mediabook (vertical format) // – 3-LP Gatefold BLACK (incl. DVD) // – Digital Album

Subway To Sally are: Eric Fish – vocals / Ally Storch – violine / Ingo Hampf – guitar / Bodenski – guitar, vocals, hurdy-gurdy / Simon – guitar, vocals / Sugar Ray – bass / Simon Michael – drums