Night Crowned unleashes album details and haunting music video!

Blackened death metal force Night Crowned announced the release of their highly anticipated sophomore studio album. “Hädanfärd” will be coming out on digipak CD, vinyl, digital and in limited vinyl / cd merch bundles on July 9th via Noble Demon.

Hailed by critics and fans alike as one of the best releases of the year, Night Crowned took the heavy scene by storm with their debut studio album, “Impius Viam” (2020, Noble Demon). Consisting of former and current members of legendary acts such as Dark Funeral, Nightrage and Cipher System and with a musical vision as clear as it is haunting and disturbing, the band created with their latest album an imposing work full of rage, melancholy and pure destruction, offering a true reawakening of the sounds dormant from the most influential acts and masterpieces of the Scandinavian ‘90s.

Without showing any signs of slowing down, and even while the current release was being carried across the globe, the band started working on their highly anticipated follow-up record, titled “Hädanfärd”, set for release on July 9th 2021, via German label Noble Demon. Thematically inspired by a story by singer K. Romlin, which deals with encounters with death, a far-reaching concept for the soon-to-be-released record was developed during the band’s intense demo process. Carried with depth through 9 atmospheric tracks and supported in a vivid way by individual, written down interpretations and explanations of K. Romlin, “Hädanfärd” is an infernal, bleak monolith of an album, one that will most likely see Night Crowned step out as one of Sweden’s best kept blackened death metal secrets.

“What we made is not just an album, it is a story. A story that has no beginning, nor end. A story that is as old as time itself. This is a story about life given & life taken, this is the tale when I meet death” Vocalist K. Romlin states.

Tracklist: 01. Nattkrönt 02. Rex Tenebrae 03. Fjättrad 04. Ett Gravfäst Öde 05. Hädanfärd 06. Gudars Skymning 07. Människans Förfall 08. Grått & Ödelagt 09. Enslingen

In support of the upcoming album, today Night Crowned unleashed a brand new and haunting video clip for the track “Nattkrönt”, streaming at

“Have you ever sat completely still in a forest at night & listened to all the sounds or just the eerie silence? This is our celebration our dedication to the night it self. A Melodic, fast, heavy, catchy and aggressive black/death metal song.” the band comments.I nitially planned as a double album (in English, as well as in Swedish), “Hädanfärd” will be coming out in Swedish language only, in order to release the band’s most authentic, as well as honest, work to date.

“Hädanfärd” drops July 9th via Noble Demon and is now available for pre-order.

Night Crowned are: K. Romlin – Vocals / J. Jaloma – Drums / J. Eskilsson – Lead Guitar / H. Liljesand – Bass, Guitar, Keys