Gloryhammer announce European Tour.

Raise your fist and ready your battle axe: Gloryhammer will embark on an epic quest throughout Europe in January and February 2020! This literally fantastic power metal act will come bearing their new album, “Legends from beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex”, which is due out in late spring 2019 via Napalm Records. The galaxy waits in fear for the return of Angus McFife XIII, who fought the greatest battle the universe has ever heard of, against the evil sorcerer Zargothrax. All hope of the Kingdom of Fife lies in the strong arms and the infinite wisdom of their young prince.

Gloryhammer deliver the following call to arms: “Mighty Warriors of Europe!”, comments the band. “The time has come for the most epic battle of all… we are thrilled to announce the European Galactic Terrortour! Beginning in January 2020, supported by the Goblin Kings of NEKROGOBLIKON and the Dwarven legions of WINDROSE, the armies of Gloryhammer will quest across the continent bringing the Power of Hoots to all true warriors of Europe! Are you ready to fight at the side of Angus McFife? FOR THE ETERNAL GLORY OF DUNDEE!”

Gloryhammer were founded by ALESTORM frontman Christopher Bowes in 2009, who spent the next years gathering an international line-up that suited his idea to create a band based conceptually on the fantasy genre and musically fitting generally into the power metal mould. Both aims were achieved stunningly and their debut album, “Tales from the Kingdom of Fife” released by Napalm Records in 2013 immediately garnered the band high critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Gloryhammer were able to top this success with their second full-length “Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards” (2015) and have continued to tour in front of ever growing audiences, performed at all major metal festivals, and have by now been nominated twice by German Metal Hammer as best band in the category “Up & Coming” at the Metal Hammer Awards. Currently Gloryhammer are preparing the release of their third album “Legends from beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex” this spring.