Sangreal: Latest details.

Underground Symphony is proud to announce the latest details about the debut album of Sangreal, Italian epic & symphonic metal band in vein of Manowar, Warlord and Epica.

The brainchild of the guitar player Jahn Carlini, (Great Master) the line-up is composed by Gabriele Grilli on vocals (ex-Doomsword), Alessandro Battini (Dark Horizon, Ghost City) on keyboards, Francesco Russo (ex-Shadows Of Steel) on the guitar, the Cypriot bass player Paris Lambrou (ex-Arrayan Path, Astronomikon) and the Finnish multi-instrumentalist Matti Auerkallio (Ultimatium, Katra) on drums.

The full length is mixed by Daniele Mandelli (Dark Horizon, Forgotten Tomb, Adramelch) and mastered by great Simone Mularoni.

“Sangreal” will be available on the 23th May under Underground Symphony Records in deluxe digipak edition and in limited edition in vinyl.

Tracklist: 01. Samarithan 02. The Prophet 03. Anime Prave 04. Ring of Shelomoh 05. Vision And Life 06. Martyr 07. I am That I am 08. The Quest Of The Holy Grail 09. Arise Today