Scar Of The Sun: Inertia

“Inertia is a scar deeper than love! A scar engraved in your heart imploring you to listen to it again and again. Well done guys! You created something good in these wild times!” (Sakis – Rotting Christ)

“With their new release Inertia Scar Of The Sun set the bar high for Modern Metal! They are Greece’s next export in the metal world; a band with the highest level of aesthetics both in terms of music and visuals.” (Seth – Septicflesh)

Greece’s Scar Of The Sun lends a voice to social injustice, merging scientific lyricism with energetic modern metal!

After sharing the stage with outstanding acts such as Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium, as well as compatriots Rotting Christ, Greek modern metal five-piece Scar Of The Sun is poised to reach the next level with the release of their otherworldly third full-length, Inertia (May 14 via Napalm Records). The album delivers a fresh take on melodic, atmospheric, often progressively-influenced metal while forging a unique path, and acts as a follow up to their self-titled demo (2005), debut full-length A Series Of Unfortunate Concurrencies (2011) and sophomore offering In Flood (2016).

On Inertia, Scar Of The Sun utilizes scientific terminology to transmit their impassioned messages of difficult trials and social awareness lyrically, conveying an overarching theme that reflects one of society’s heaviest burdens – that financial gain has flourished at the expense of humanity and the livelihoods of everyday people. Instrumental intro “Hydrogen” stirs things up before kicking in with hard-hitting title track “Inertia”, evoking a truly thunderous verse and, propelled by blasting drums, leads into an undeniably catchy chorus. With its razor-sharp riffs, “I Am The Circle” refuses to compromise and genuinely reflects on the toughest aspects of being a musician, while the “Quantum Leap Zero”-trilogy conveys very intense and dramatic events that occured in Greece in 2015: Suppression, rise/revolution and huge defeat in the end. Beginning with “Quantum Leap Zero I: Torque Control”, SCAR OF THE SUN Scar Of The Sun instrumental facet of the record, splicing their soundscapes with distinctively desolate vibes. “Quantum Leap Zero II: Transition To Turbulence”, on the other hand, calls for an untamed storm to annihilate everything, followed by atmospheric “Oxygen”, smashing “The Fallible Experiment” and poignant trilogy-closer “Quantum Leap Zero III: Thrust”. Inertia ends with “Anastasis” (Greek for “resurrection”), an intense track about the terrible pain of losing someone you love. With this closer, Scar Of The Sun manages to put agony into words and turn this palpable despair into emotive music.

Inertia was recorded and mixed by singer and songwriting mastermind Terry Nikas at Zero Gravity Studios in Athens, Greece and mastered by the legendary Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Dimmu Borgir) at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.

Inertia tracklist: 1. Hydrogen 2. Inertia 3. I Am The Circle 4. Quantum Leap Zero I: Torque Control 5. Quantum Leap Zero II: Transition To Turbulence 6. Oxygen 7. The Fallible Experiment 8. Quantum Leap Zero III: Thrust 9. Singularity Collapse 10.Zenith To Minos 11.Anastasis

Inertia will be available in the following formats: -1LP Gatefold TRANSPARENT GREEN + BLACK Marbled / -1LP Gatefold BLACK / -Shirt & Digpack Bundle / -CD Digipack / -Full Digital Album

Scar Of The Sun is: Terry Nikas – vocals / Alexi Charalampous – guitars / Greg Eleftheriou – guitars / Panagiotis Gatsopoulos – bass / Thanos Pappas – drums