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Hinayana: Death Of The Cosmic

Austin, Texas-based melodic death-doom metal unit Hinayana have been turning heads in the metal scene since their formation in 2014, starting out as a one-man band spearheaded by frontman Casey Hurd. Now, after releasing their crushing 2018 full-length Order Divine and subsequently securing the attention of Napalm Records, Hinayana are poised to release their next musical offering – the crushing Death Of The Cosmic EP – set for release on August 28, 2020.

Otherworldly and haunting while maintaining a crushing, colossal heaviness and peppered with undeniable groove, the Death Of The Cosmic EP emphasizes improved production and keen songwriting. Primarily self-produced by the band with mixing/drum recording from Kevin Butler and mastering by Swallow The Sun’s Juho Raiha, fans will also notice the new EP’s heightened concept in comparison to the band’s previous releases.

Opening title track “Death Of The Cosmic” sets off with optimistic ambience, quickly blasting into an ethereal universe of blazing leads and acoustic soundscapes capped by vocalist Casey Hurd’s deep, menacing growls. “Cold Conception” rushes in with melancholic energy before transforming into a dark, galloping anthem accented by the Morin Khuur stylings of late Tengger Cavalry mastermind Nature Ganganbaigal and a melting solo from Erik Shtaygrud. Mystic instrumental interlude “Yet Here I Wait Forever” showcases the dynamic, softer side of Hinayana before picking back up with the stunning down-tempo gripper “In Sacred Delusion”, featuring a guest appearance from Toni Toivonen (Hanging Garden). Death Of The Cosmic closes with the sorrowful 5-minute epilogue “Pitch Black Noise” – not only proving HINAYAHinayana able auditory trademark of melding tranquility and thunderous intensity, but also underlining the existential depth of their lyrical approach.

Prepare for the future of Hinayana with the Death Of The Cosmic EP!

Release Date: 28.08.2020

Tracklisting: 01. Death of the Cosmic 02. Cold Conception (feat. Nature Ganganbaigal) 03. Yet Here I Wait Forever 04. In Sacred Delusion (feat. Toni Toivonen) 05. Pitch Black Noise

Hinayana are: Casey Hurd – vocals, guitar / Erik Shtaygrud – guitar / Daniel Vieira – drums / Michael Anstice – keyboard / Matt Bius – bass


Unleash The Archers: Abyss

With their bow and arrow raised to strike, Unleash The Archers draw the listener into an unforgettable musical abyss of searing, broadly-influenced power metal mastery!

Less than a year after the release of their covers EP Explorers, Canadian melodic power metal quartet Unleash The Archers have sharpened their arrows and hit the bullseye once again with their fifth full-length album, Abyss. Featuring 10 new tracks, this adventure is a concept album and sequel to 2017’s Apex, and was once again recorded with legendary producer Jacob Hansen of Hansen Studios in Denmark. Abyss succeeds in showcasing the mind-blowing technical craftmanship of the young four-piece with the perfect mix of highly complex, catchy bangers and moody, synth-infused power ballads. Pairing traditional heavy sounds in the vein of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with fast-paced power metal, the album is once again accented by frontwoman Brittney Slayes’ raw four octave mezzo-soprano, shining both in powerful anthems like the outstanding title track “Abyss” as well as the fragile intro of the epic “The Wind That Shapes The Land”, and contrasted with guttural screams on the soaring “Return To Me” or the transcendent album closer “Afterlife”. The quartet from Vancouver has forged their own niche in the world of metal and cemented it with memorable live shows all over the world, and now, a lucky 13 years after their inception, they’ve delivered their strongest album to date.

Abyss tracklisting: 1) Waking Dream 2) Abyss 3) Through Stars 4) Legacy 5) Return To Me 6) Soulbound 7) Faster Than Light 8) The Wind That Shapes The Land 9) Carry The Flame (feat. guitarist Andrew Kingsley on guest vocals) 10) Afterlife (feat. orchestration by Francesco Ferrini)

Release date: August 21, 2020

Unleash The Archers are: Brittney Slayes – clean vocals / Scott Buchanan – drums / Grant Truesdell – guitar, unclean vocals / Andrew Kingsley – guitar, unclean vocals, synth