Massacre Records: New signings.

Stoneman announce new album

The Swiss NDH/Dark Rock outfit Stoneman recently signed with Massacre Records and will release its new album “Geil und Elektrisch” on September 7, 2018!

One thing is for sure, the new album might rub some upholders of moral standards the wrong way! Just like Stoneman did with previous releases.

Stoneman is around since 2008, and it’s safe to say that the band is no longer one of the gothic and metal scene’s best kept secrets.

Not only their upcoming album is already highly anticipated by the fans, but a lot of people are also looking forward to the band’s tour that will take place in September and features guests like Auger, Alienare or Florian Grey, among others.

The modern dark metal band Negacy has signed with Massacre Records and will release its new album “Escape From Paradise” later this year! None other than Raphael Saini (ex-Iced Earth) helped the guys out and played the drums on the upcoming album!

The band is around since 2005 and performed under the name Red Warlock until autumn 2012, changed their musical style a bit and underwent some line-up changes.

In 2016, Negacy welcomed its new vocalist Leonel Silva with whom the band toured through China in spring of the same year.

The upcoming album promises to be more melodic and violent than its predecessor.

More details will be revealed soon.

Negacy‘s current line-up consists of vocalist Leonel Silva, guitarists Andy Mornar and John Sindiryan, bassist Adrián Serrano and drummer Claudio Sechi.

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